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Each of the Castles in the Exclusive Castle Rentals programme has its own character; some are cosy, some are elegant; some are perfect for families, others are more suited to a sophisticated corporate party. They all have certain features in common; style, exclusivity, and a staff determined to make your stay one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

 There are many possibilities; stay with a titled family as their personal guests, or hire a fully-serviced private apartment adjacent to a world-famous castle; rent a private train with on-board accommodation; stay on your own private island. Divide your time between two Castles; enjoy a stay in a British city, followed by a Castle weekend in the countryside. Indulge your vacation fantasies! Our advisors will work with you to fulfil your dreams and help you to decide what is best for your event.We do not publish a brochure, nor do we have a definitive list of all of the properties that we use.

However, all of our properties have some things in common:-

They are only available for exclusive use; in other words, for the period of your rental, the Castle belongs to you and your party. No other guests will be permitted to visit during your stay. They are all fully-staffed, with a Chef, a Butler, waiters and cleaning staff. The Castles do not offer self-catering facilities. Breakfast and Dinner are provided daily; Lunch can be included if you wish. The Castles are all located in the British Isles, with the majority of them in England and Scotland.The Castles are a variety of sizes; our smallest property sleeps eighteen people; the largest can accommodate seventy-six.

Please contact us for exact prices, which depend upon the Castle, the season and the length of the rental. The Castles are similar in standard to a 5-star hotel, although the Castles offer a superior level of privacy and exclusivity. To give you an approximate idea, we suggest that you use the guideline of GBP 350 per person per day (equivalent to EUR 450 - 550 / USD 700 - 900) for a fully-occupied Castle.

In some Castles, this figure includes absolutely everything; accommodation, meals, airport transfers etc. In other properties, this is the starting price.

If you are working to a budget which is not too far off the above numbers, please let us know.We are happy to do all that we can to accommodate your requirements and to look for something within your price-range.

We tailor-make each programme to suit each client's exact needs.